Action Plasterers & Renderers

Concrete ceilings can often be an eye sore especially in architecturally built homes.

Action Plasterers has the solution!

With drywall and solid plastering specialist at our disposal, we can handle any internal and external white setting needs.

Completely skim coating the exposed concrete surface will leave you with an unblemished finish, leaving an architectural home looking a million bucks! $$$$$$

These photos were taken before and after our drywall specialists completed white setting at a home off the headland at Coolum Beach where the builder wanted to go the extra mile rather than a standard paint finish to the concrete verandah ceiling.

A quality finish without a coat of paint!

Action Plasterers and Renderers have all your white setting needs, both drywall and solid plastering, so call our expert team today on 54936 800 and we can provide you with an obligation free quote!