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A product photographers dream, an infinity wall presents a continuous flow, almost a mesmerizing, seamless transition from floor to wall, creating the perfect background.
An infinity wall (or cyclorama) is a tricky type of wall to construct from start to finish, with carpenters needing to provide the right degrees of angle for the curve of the plasterboard. The plasterer needing to provide a smooth, quality product unblemished. To the painter providing a seamless coat of paint to both wall and floor. The final product is an effortless, deceptive wall, perfect for a new car, bike or sunglasses photography shoot that will catch your eye.

As defined by Wikipedia – ‘An infinity cyclorama (found particularly in television and in film stills studios) is a cyc which curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the studio floor, so that with careful lighting and the corner-less joint, the illusion that the studio floor continues to infinity can be achieved. Cycloramas or “cycs” also refer to photography curving backdrops which are white to create no background, or green screen to create a masking backdrop.’

That being said, these walls are not a common sight. So when we were asked to help one of our clients handle the plastering side of the wall, we jumped at the challenge!
The step by step photos show the transformation of the wall each coat as the concept of the infinity wall comes to life.

Check out the photos below to see the transformation!

So remember, if you are in need of a plastering company that can handle all jobs no matter how large, small or challenging, you know who to call – Action Plasterers & Renderers!