Action Plasterers & Renderers
What is Glancing light and why do you need to know about it? Well with todays contemporary house designs a popular choice, its important to consider how the overall appearance of the finished plasterboard will be affected by glancing light. Designs that include window openings, large ceiling areas and close by bodies of water such as canals & swimming pools can pose many problems for plasterers; and many frustrations for home owners. If you are looking to build on the canal or construct a swimming pool close by to your house, here are a few tips to try & avoid any glancing light concerns: Past the design stage & already have the problem? What’s the solution? A Level 5 finish. The highest-level finish possible, achieved by a 3 coat system whereby the joints & angles are plastered as normal, with a further 2 coats of top coat then applied to the entire surface of the wall & sanded to a smooth finish. This is done to reach to highest level of perfection in preparation for painting.